Human Or AI Photo Editing – Which Reigns?


Ever dug out a dusty family photo album, only to find your favorite picture a bit worse for wear? Maybe the colors have faded, or there’s an unwanted photobomber ruining the perfect beach shot. You know this picture deserves a place on the wall, but it needs a little TLC. Perhaps you want to enhance these photos for printing, but where do you start?

This is where photo editing comes in, and you have two main options: human photo editing and AI-powered editing tools. Both options can breathe new life into your photos, but they each have their own strengths. Let’s discuss.

Speed and Efficiency

When it comes to speed, AI editing reigns supreme. AI-powered tools can offer incredibly fast turnaround times, making them perfect for those moments when you need quick results. Imagine you have hundreds of vacation photos to edit before creating a photo book. Manually editing each one would be a daunting task, but AI can handle batch editing with ease, and all your photos will look polished in no time.

One of the most appealing features of AI editing is the “one-click edit.” With a simple click, AI can enhance colors, adjust lighting, and even remove minor blemishes. This level of efficiency is particularly beneficial for those who need to edit large volumes of photos quickly, whether for personal projects or professional needs.

Creativity and Control

However, when it comes to creativity and achieving a specific vision in the human vs AI photo editing debate, there’s no substitute for a human touch. Skilled photo editors are artists in their own right. They can take your photo beyond a simple fix and turn it into something truly special. Want a vintage feel on your family portrait? Or maybe you need someone to magically erase that rogue telephone pole from your scenic landscape shot? Human editors can make these changes with a natural, seamless look, utilizing advanced techniques like selective adjustments and local corrections. They can also breathe new life into old photos, removing scratches and tears while preserving these precious memories.

The Perfect Blend

Before and after AI background removal process

Why not get the best of both worlds? Using AI editing as a time-saving tool for basic edits allows human editors to focus on more creative aspects. This approach is particularly beneficial for photo printing businesses. They can offer a tiered service: basic AI edits for quick and affordable results, with the option for professional human editing upgrades for those who want more personalized and detailed enhancements.

AI has the potential to learn user preferences over time, suggesting edits that align with your style. This creates a more personalized experience, combining the efficiency of AI with the creative control of human editors. For instance, an AI tool can remember you prefer warm tones and bright exposures, applying these preferences automatically to your photos, leaving human editors to refine the details.

But for now, the key takeaway is this: AI excels at speed and efficiency, while human editors bring the creative magic.

Need Help Getting Your Photos Print Ready?

Before and after AI background removal process

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Before and after AI background removal process

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