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Man announced megaphone
Man announced megaphone

A clipping path is a vector path used to separate objects from their background or layer. This allows the objects to be placed on a new background or color. Clipping paths are created to hide unwanted portions of an image, creating separate paths for both the image and a frame for the graphic. In this fashion, clipping path can be freely modified without affecting the graphics frame.

Objects that need to be isolated are manually clipped using the "pen tool" in Photoshop to ensure the best quality and natural curves. Images are clipped several pixels within the images so that no lines will become visible after magnification, on screen or in print. Clipping paths are used in a number of graphic editing procedures in different programs such as Indesign, Quark XPress, Photoshop, & Illustrator. A clipping path in an image editing program is functionally equivalent to a mask in an illustration program.

Creating high quality clipping paths is a skilled but tedious process, especially if there are a large number of images to be processed. That is where we come in the picture to help you.

Softclipping (Alphachannel)

Alpha channels - woman photograph edit
Alpha channels - woman photograph edit

Softclipping, alpha channel, or alpha composting is a channel/process used in graphic software to combine an image with a background to create the appearance of partial transparency. It is very helpful in rendering different image elements in separate passes, and then combining the resulting multiple 2D images into a single, finished image. Softmasking is used widely for combining computer rendered images with live footage.

Photoshop allows us to save multiple alpha channels creating the appearance of partial transparency in one image. The darkest sectors of an alpha channel are transparent while white ones are lightproof and gray ones bring out different levels of transparency. In the majority of cases, alpha channels complement clipping paths to create soft edges for hairstyle.

Not convinced yet?

Group D.M.T offers you a free trial of our clipping path & masking image services to show you our high level of quality and turnaround time at a reasonable price.

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