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Food photography in times of digitalisation


A feast for the eye! Just a saying or definetly a truth? With Group D.M.T´s image enhancements and color corrections we promise you: It will look delicious. Food Photography at its best.

In a supermarket food is presented under special light so it looks even more tasty. Restaurants have a cozy light atmosphere to make your stay more pleasant and you can enjoy your dish even more. Nothing else happens in the Food-Photography. Special trained “Food-Stylists” know the perfect tricks to make a burger look more juicy, a sauce more creamy and a salad more fresh. Photographers know exactly wich light to use and wich angle to choose to make the Food look more tasty. After all this effort comes the picture editing to give those images the perfect last touch. Creating the perfect color and highlight specific areas with a great color correction. Deleting crumbs that aren´t perfectly in place are just a small part of this retouching.

All this effort to please our eyes in the hope that also the taste reflects the the amazing look of the picture.

Regardless if its a poster, onlinebanner or a tv commercial. Big brands and companies take an enormous effort to present us these “perfect products”. But how does that look like for a restaurant or a delivery service? Does these efforts and extreme cost´s make sense for these? Thats for sure completely up to you to decide. If a burger is getting sold millions of times it makes sense to invest money and time for once. The picture probably will be shown on big posters, on Tv and menus all around the world. For your local restaurant it needs a cost/benefit analysis. For sure also you should invest in a good picture to present your business. But it should not cost as much.

Thats why Group D.M.T offers also small companies, restaurants and all kind of businesses the perfect opportunity.  We will make the best out of your images on a great budget. Even a selftaken photo of a dish on a simple plate in your restaurant can become a star on your menu. Starting with a nice and easy color correction to a clipping on transparent background to a detailed retouching for the perfect finish. Everything is possible and avalible for every budget.

But not just for the menu in a restaurant or pictures in a supermaket great pictures are necessary.
In times of digitalisation, in times of delivery services and online order it is even more important to show your product in perfect presentation!

Food Photography Before and After

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