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Most of the global populace have fast, easy access to the internet, making it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to market their products online by reaching huge numbers of potential clients.
But having an expansive reach of your target audience means nothing if you cannot effectively capture their attention. Superb quality images are the key to attracting and engaging prospective buyers’ attention to the products you are selling and this necessitates the use of meticulous photography and editing techniques.

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Visualizing a product plays a major role in consumer decision-making, which is why many people enjoy window-shopping. But while shopping online, the potential customer, cannot touch and physically evaluate the product, and so it takes the very best and most enticing visual images, rather than lengthy descriptions, to convince them to buy.

Photos are the first thing anyone scrolling through a listing will notice and it’s their stopping power and seductiveness that makes potential customers want to know more about the product. If the images are not precisely taken and edited to gain maximum attention and engagement, then they’ll likely be ignored.

Preparing Your Photos for Maximum Sales

Perfectly-taken photos can easily lead to impulse buying, as the image itself is irresistible to begin with, but you need to adhere to certain guidelines if you want your product images to generate fast sales. These include:

  • Post only the very best photos of your product
  • Use several photos from different angles to show various aspects of your product
  • Use plain white backgrounds to increase the visibility of the item you’re selling
  • Display clothes using a mannequin or model, with a beautiful model being the best!
  • Zoom in on the specific features upon which you want your customers to focus
  • Use a quality camera for the photoshoot
  • Use Larger images for the maximum impact
  • Editing should be professionally done where necessary
  • Do not use blurry images

If you are planning to post images onto online stores like Amazon or eBay, be aware that they each have their own set requirements for product images. On Amazon, the photos should not exceed 10 MB. The preferable file type is .jpg, but .gif and .tif are also acceptable. The recommended image size is 1000+ pixels, and 500 pixels is the minimum for one side. The main image has to have a white background.

As for eBay, you can upload an image of up to 12 MB from a web address or 7 MB using the photo uploader. The file types acceptable include .gif, .png, .bmp, .jpg, and .tif. The recommended image size here is 800-1600 pixels, and the minimum for one side is 500 pixels. Up to 12 photos are accepted on eBay, and it has a feature that automatically enlarges photos with enough high resolution. No borders, logos, text, or artworks are allowed.

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Super Quality Photographs make for Super Sales

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” but a Perfectly Presented Product Picture is worth thousands of sales!

We all know that superb images are far more persuasive than thousands of words, and since online stores are missing the salesperson to answer questions, your photos should efficiently and seductively deliver your sales message. Having a seasoned partner like Group D.M.T. to work closely with you to maximize the selling power of your product’s online presentation and images is the best way to effectively optimize your sales. And although there are many online editing software packages available, Group D.M.T. can give you that top-class professional experience and guidance to ensure your sales presentations are nothing short of spectacular.

Numerous case studies show that image quality plays a critical role in increasing online sales. Photo quality, polish, and professionalism all enhance “attraction and engagement.” They increase trust and legitimacy in the eyes of customers and play an integral role in converting browsers into buyers. This is why it’s so important to spend extra time and care creating polished product photos.

Great photographs are your online selling mojo. They have a very positive effect on sales conversions. A recent paper published by Research Labs on product image’s impact on conversion rates stated that the most successfully selling websites were those with the highest quality image presentation.

Photo Editing for Hard-Selling Images

Producing perfect pictures of certain products, such as fashion items, can be elusive as the color, material, pattern and cut must be readily perceptible. When, for example, a potential customer can identify from the image that a particular designer shoe they saw on your listing is pure leather, they will most likely add it to their cart. However, even if you have indicated in your descriptive text that the shoes are in fact camel skin, but the photos do not clearly show this, then a lost sale is the most probable outcome.

Many companies today offer photo editing software which can be very helpful in improving product photo quality. However, they pale in comparison to the work done by skilled and experienced humans. Having a Group D.M.T. expert edit the photos for your online store’s website will provide far better results than any software.

Ultimately, having an experienced and skilled person work with your online store product photos is likely to result in a big sales increase, making it an excellent investment of both your time and money.

Stand Out from the Crowd

The standards set by leading online stores are meant to help sellers actualize their sales goals with the optimal presentation of their products. Attaining such standards is not an easy task for someone who focuses on the product more than the presentation. That is where Group D.M.T. can provide you with their expert services to ensure that your product images are seductive, captivating and optimally sales-generating.

Group D.M.T. is committed to working with enthusiastic entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesses that require high-quality images for online sales. We focus on providing you with the most competent editing services to produce impeccable images of your products, resulting in maximized online sales.

That can make a dramatic difference in your number of sales. Consumers are more likely to purchase if the photos in the online store are of high quality and seductive. “Group D.M.T.” can provide you with the best-edited, hardest-selling photos, using various imaging technologies.

What Services can Group D.M.T. Provide to Maximize your Sales?

Group D.M.T. provides clients with a wide range of photo editing pre-media services. These include catalog and magazine production, photo retouching and photo editing for e-commerce and online shops.

The company does unmatched color correction, Hollowman/Ghost Mannequin, Clipping Path, Softclipping, and masking and also prepare architecture and real estate image editing, as well as vectorizing, and vector graphic services. We also provide 3D CGI visualisation and modeling services and there are several services we provide that no other company can match.

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Why Use Group D.M.T. Instead of Other Image Editing Companies?

If you want the highest quality photo imaging at affordable prices, choose Group D.M.T.. We have advanced technologies and a level of creativity and experience that no other company in the photo editing industry can match. We can transform your online store and make it optimally attractive to consumers resulting in increased sales.

Many companies are pleasantly surprised with their ability to increase sales simply by working with Group D.M.T. to optimize the appearance of their product presentation and imaging. People are drawn to the photographs that Group D.M.T. edits and they entice visitors to the online store to make purchases.

Our team of dedicated staff are experienced and highly skilled in all the image enhancement techniques that online stores and websites require for optimizing sales. Choosing our services ensures that you will maximize the selling ability of the photographic aspects of your marketing venture.

Contact Group D.M.T.

The images that pass our professional handiwork have seen many online store owners prosper in their business ventures. Don’t be left behind. If you want photo editing that will enhance the quality of all your image presentations within your online store and optimize your sales, contact Group D.M.T. today.

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