Outsourcing - your advantage

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Where it used to be an advantage to your competition to to outsource parts of your production cost effectively to us in the past, it’s certainly a disadvantage today if you don’t. Many of our customers use their teams for the creative work, job organization and management and source the actual work to us – with huge time and cost savings.

Profit from the many professional services we offer. We work with Western management, international standards and deliver German quality.

We offer advice for:

- which parts of your production make sense to outsource?

- which workflows have proven the most effective?

Why outsource Clipping Path production to Group D.M.T?

Clipping paths are one of the most resource intensive elements of the design process. By seamlessly integrating the Group D.M.T service into your prepress production workflow, you save valuable time and budget on your projects. Thereby, you may use your valuable internal resources instead for tasks that generate higher revenues.

Why Group D.M.T as your Clipping Path service provider ?

Our German quality assurance combined with expert knowledge and experience of lighting, photography, and prepress workflow help us to consistently deliver the quality handmade clipping paths that you need, the way you want them. And, as we work in a different time zone, we will have your job done during your sleep.

Nine more reason why prepress production outsourcing to Group D.M.T is the key to be successful in this highly competitive market:

1. There is no easier way

Group D.M.T provides handmade clipping paths with best quality, fastest turnaround time, and at reasonable prices. Everything is done through our unique online application. We have developed a user-friendly online application that allows you to check and manage your orders easily, and all communication is via automated email notifications.

2. It's more cost effective than doing it yourself
Calculate yourself how much it costs to produce clipping paths with your existing infrastructure/human resources. You will be surprised how much cheaper we can produce for you!

3. Delivery within 4 - 24 hours
Our maximum turnaround time is 24 hours. If you only have a few images to be clipped, you can expect the turnaround time to be even shorter. To guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time, Group D.M.T advises you to inform us if you wish to send more than 1,000 pictures in a day. We have an express service where we process your images between 4-6 hours at a reasonable additional cost.

4. Perfect handmade clipping path
Our professional clipping team guarantees you perfect quality and 100% satisfaction. To test the quality of our handmade image isolation, please click here to sign up for a new account and get a one image free trial!

5. Time zones benefits
Send us the job before you go home and you will get the finished work delivered next morning.

6. Exclusive resources bookable
Reserve specific resources for your company's exclusive use and seamlessly integrate Group D.M.T expertise into your internal workflows, giving your company access to first-class manpower and German quality assurance.

7. Experienced in the prepress industry
The Group D.M.T management has more than a century combined experience in the prepress industry and more than 10 years experience in online and data delivery management. Use our experience for your benefit.

8. Make profit with Group D.M.T
As the competition gets harder, new vistas of cooperation will open up for you that will help you increase your profit without the trouble of having to invest in new infrastructure or human resource.

9. Multiple payment options
Group D.M.T offers multiple payment options such as Credit Card, PayPal, Wire/TT, or Swift Bank Transfer.

Not convinced yet?

Group D.M.T offers you a free trial of our clipping path & masking image services to show you our high level of quality and turnaround time at a reasonable price.

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In our 30 years of experience we have developed the most efficient workflows how you send jobs to us, how we process them internally and how we send them back to you. Shortest ways, time effective and keeping the deadline. Our entire workflows are based on this.