Own Offshore Solutions

Graphic map, Branch office

We offer beside a significant time benefit also a deciding price benefit compared to an in-house production.

But there are situations in which a trusted partner is not enough. With strict non disclose agreements to your clients it can become neccessary to have an own production here in Asia.

If you are interested we are your strong partner who can support you with loads of experience.

"NEW" 3D / CGI

Living room 3D CGI visualisation

3D modeling and visualisation are big topics today and they are establishing...

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Welcome to our current DMT website!

New DMT website capture
New DMT Website

We are your modern and highly professional media service provider ...

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Workflow chart

In our 30 years of experience we have developed the most efficient workflows how you send jobs to us, how we process them internally and how we send them back to you. Shortest ways, time effective and keeping the deadline. Our entire workflows are based on this.