Worldwide Photography

Photography studio

The photography is the beginning of the media production. The better the photography is organized and realized, the better and time saving the image editing or post-production works. 

As an international media company we are present in all markets and have the very best contacts to the best photo studios and photographers: our customers.

Contact us for an offer which will impress you in every extend.

"NEW" 3D / CGI

Living room 3D CGI visualisation

3D modeling and visualisation are big topics today and they are establishing...

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Welcome to our current DMT website!

New DMT website capture
New DMT Website

We are your modern and highly professional media service provider ...

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Workflow chart

In our 30 years of experience we have developed the most efficient workflows how you send jobs to us, how we process them internally and how we send them back to you. Shortest ways, time effective and keeping the deadline. Our entire workflows are based on this.