Color Corrections and Color Changes for Products


Color Corrections and Color Changes are classical Group D.M.T services provided for product photography. Let your picture quality rise and extend your product range with a whole new set of colors.

In this sample, we helped a shoe manufacturer with his market analysis by recoloring their shoe model into different colors. Without spending a huge amount of time and money on production our customer was able to do a survey. Because of this test, he knew which models would sell and which designs, not upfront.

The best and perfect result you will get by sending a so-called digital fabric swatch. Like this, we can adjust the color of your product correctly to its real color tone. If you should have your product pictures from different angles and perspectives we will adjust the product colors seamless overall images.

The recoloring of a product doesn’t have to be limited to just one color. With the help of our masking service (Multi-Path), we can combine colors for your products in all kinds of variations.

Another great advantage when you recolor your products? By using one base image, all your products will look the same in your online shop, just in different colors. This will help to let your shop look sorted and cleaned up. Let us help you with our color corrections and color changes to upgrade your product images.

Before and after for Shoe recolouring

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