Business Upgrade with Amazing Image Quality


In order to achieve higher sales conversions, image quality is most important. Group D.M.T will upgrade your business with perfect image quality!

Studies show that product presentations with a higher picture quality have a 43% better chance to lead to a sale. If that’s for a presentation in a catalog or a product presentation for e-commerce doesn’t really matter here. The use of non-professional pictures can lead even to a negative trend. People will be most likely scared to buy with you.

Where would you like to buy when you walk through a Shopping area?
The way too dark store at the corner which is a bit too dusty and looks kind of strange? Or better the nice and friendly shop, bright and welcoming with products that directly catch your eye? Your online-shop or your catalog works the same way. This was a sample for your product overview. Same counts for your product as a standalone. The product image should always mirror the value of the product itself. A watch for 5000 Dollars should look like it and not like a 5 dollar cheap product.

Another important factor is the uniformity of your product overview. You should always try to use images with the same quality or your presentation will look messy. Even if 50% of your images are in top quality but the other half is not as good. Your sales rate will already drop cause people are confused and maybe scared.

With a professional eye and more than 20 years of experience at Group D.M.T we help our customers with services like Clipping, Retouching, or Color Correction to achieve the perfect quality goal.

Image quality before after

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