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The online market is fast-growing, and the competition is always improving. What does that mean? Your images need to look perfect to stand out in the crowd.

For this matter, it is very important to present your products as good as possible in your online shop. Social media is also used more and more to sell products or simply to advertise them. A perfect retouched picture stands for itself and nearly sells itself.

Our e-commerce photo editing service is here to help. At Group D.M.T. we understand the fast-paced market and support you with perfect product pictures. You get them at a reasonable price and at great turnaround. So you can be the next leader in your e-commerce business.

ecommerce photo editing service beforeecommerce photo editing service after

Send us your images, references
and briefings and we’ll make you an offer
that will save you around 50%
compared to US and European prices.

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  • 10 highly skilled Premedia Experts from Germany, USA and India
  • High end German quality, low Asian prices
  • High Volume work with short turnarounds

Get your quote from one of the biggest Outsource and Premedia manpowers worldwide!

Send us your images, references and briefings and we’ll make you an offer that will save you around 50% compared to US and European prices.

Lets Connect - Contact Us Here

  • 10 highly skilled Premedia Experts from Germany, USA and India
  • High end German quality, low Asian prices
  • High Volume work with short turnarounds

Get your quote from one of the biggest Outsource and Premedia manpowers worldwide!

What’s Included in Our Product Photo Editing Service

Depending on your business and what look you want to go for, we offer different product photo editing services. The possibilities are endless. Whether you want a clean look or want to impress customers with vibrant colors, we can do it all.

Editing Product Pictures

The style of the retouched product picture is completely up to you. But in general, a great picture for your online shop should be completely deleted of any dust and scratches.

In order to stand out, it should have great colors and light. Depending on your preferences, it is common to let the product stand out on a clean background. Additionally, we could insert a realistic looking shadow within our product photo editing service.

product photo editing service beforeproduct photo editing service after

Retouching Model Pictures

If you want to shoot your clothing line on a model, we would clean and straighten your product, so it fits the model perfectly. We can take care of dust and scratches on clothes, as well as imperfections of your model.

Just like the product pictures, we can place your model within the e-commerce photo editing service in front of a basic background.

ecommerce photo editing service model beforeecommerce photo editing service model after

Invisible Mannequin Images

As invisible mannequin images we describe a clothing product picture which appears to have someone wearing it, but it is actually empty. This style is perfect for showcasing your clothes from every angle.

On top, it gives your customers a better impression of your products.

ecommerce image editing service beforeecommerce image editing service after

Endless Possibilities With Our E-commerce Image Editing Services

Whatever you need to make your pictures perfect, we can do it! Whether there are disturbing objects in the background or the colors don’t match your actual product anything can be retouched. Here’s what we can do for you with our e-commerce image editing service:

Background Removal

One benefit included in our e-commerce image editing service is the background removal. Make your product the center of attention by removing a disturbing background and replacing it with a plain one.

Your customers will therefore notice more details and get a better view of your product. Moreover, some online marketplaces even require a white background.

product photo edting service-before background removalproduct photo editing service background removal

Recoloring & Color Matching

If the colors of your product shots are off or don’t match the reality of your product you should definitely adjust them for your online shop. If your product shots match the actual product return rates will be decreasing.

Also included in our e-commerce photo editing service is recoloring or color matching. Just send us sample colors you want us to match your products to.

ecommerce image editing-service before recoleringecommerce image editing service after recolering

Clipping Paths

Included in our product photo editing service are clipping paths. With our clipping path service we cut out any object of your product images in order to place it on a new background. It doesn’t matter how detailed the object is with a clipping path we ensure there are sharp edges.


It is also possible to remove wrinkles from clothes or dust and scratches from your products to make them look clean and neat. With our retouching service we ensure that your product shots stand out from the crowd.

ecommerce photo editing service clipping pathsecommerce photo editing service retouching

Our Tips for Professional Product Photos

One of the most important parts for any product image is the right position or crop. If the products are sized differently and the image margins are off, it doesn’t look professional.

Determine how much white space you want to keep around your products, i.g. Amazon requires the product to fill 80% of the image and backgrounds to be pure white.

To keep all your product photos uniform, it’s easiest to center the products with a fixed minimum space on two sides. For a lot of similar products a fixed positioning will look best. If the products are on the floor, it’s recommended to set them on the same ground line instead of the center of the image.

Within our e-commerce photo editing service we can also advise you on which services suit your product shots best. If you need further advice on your product images or would like us to set up a semi-automated workflow for your image crops, take a look at our consulting services.

It’s $99 for up to 1 hour of consultation and $199 for consultation and setup of automatic or semi-automatic positioning workflow. That keeps the processing of your future images cost-effective and consistent.

How Does Our Service Work?

In order for a fast turnaround and a affordable pricing for your online business it is important to photograph your products as good as possible on a clean white to light grey background. Our professional retouching team will clean out the background to pure white depending on your needs and briefing with half automatic actions. If you need any help please don’t hesitate to ask for our consulting service.

Any further questions? – Contact us!

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