Real Estate Image Editing Services –
Top Trends and Advantages Not to Miss


Real estate agents face daily hurdles in running their business professionally in addition to dealing with the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Attracting new customers and converting sales with enticing visuals remains a primary challenge, and real estate image editing services are a simple solution to make first impressions count.

house photo prior to image editing servicehouse photo after to image editing service

Real estate image editing services transform an ordinary-looking photo into a crisp, sharp one. It includes removing noise, brightening an image, increasing or decreasing contrast, or enhancing the grayscale images.
At Group Digital Media Technology (Group D.M.T.), our core competency is making images look outstanding. So, when it’s ready to be delivered to a potential customer, it jumps off the page.

Top 4 Photography Editing Trends that People are Talking About

With the advancement of technology, many businesses have flourished in terms of increased sales and return on investment. The real estate industry is no exception as most realtors are now relying on digital tools to implement their marketing strategies. A few new trends have the industry buzzing in relation to real estate services, let’s take a closer look at top trends:

1) Buyers are searching for services online

According to a study by NAR (National Association of Realtors), the typical home buyer uses their mobile phone to search for properties online before doing anything else. They visit multiple websites packed with photos and information, gleaning as much as possible before they meet a realtor. Most real estate agents recognize this trend and are using digital channels to meet new prospects. To cope with this digital transformation, high-quality photos are playing an increasingly pivotal role in attracting buyer attention.

2) Mobile search is surging

The NAR study also found that 89% of prospective home buyers browse Google on their mobile phones. Among these 68% of the respondents said they use a dedicated mobile application at the beginning of their home search or rely on it throughout the entire buying process.

3) Real estate companies are partnering with professional photographers

The demand for high-quality photographs is compelling realtors to innovate and partner with professional photographers. This is a way for realtors to help their properties stand out in a crowded marketplace.

4) Virtual Staging transforms any setting

Virtual staging is key to understanding the power of high-quality photographs. It provides an innovative alternative that avoids the hassle of cleaning, hauling, in addition to potentially thousands of dollars on repairs and buying furnishing to make a space presentable.

Image editing solutions for real estate professionals

room photo prior to image editing serviceroom photo after to image editing service

Group D.M.T. uses the latest technologies and software tools to exceed the requirements of real estate customers. Our real estate image enhancement solutions might include:

✓ Brightness and Contrast Adjustment
✓ White Balance Adjustment
✓ Retaining Window Detail
✓ Lens Correction
✓ Blending Multiple Exposures
✓ Curves and Levels Adjustments
✓ Perspective Correction
✓ Background Replacement
✓ Sky Color Adjustment
✓ Image Resizing
✓ 360° Panorama Stitching Services
✓ Grains and Noise Reduction
✓ Under and Exposure Adjustments
✓ Animated Interiors and Furniture
✓ Brightening Shadowed Highlights
✓ HDR Picture Enhancing (details below)

Before/Vorher Real Estate HDRAfter/Nachher Real Estate HDR
HDR Picture Enhancing
Enhancing the quality of real estate images through HDR is another solution that uses an automated process to compensate for loss of detail in bright or dark areas of any picture. It takes multiple images at different exposures then blends and overlays them, so the final photo presents your product in the best possible light.


A few reasons to choose Group D.M.T.

With over 24 years of operating in the image editing services and prepress solutions industry, Group D.M.T. is today one of Asia’s oldest and privately-owned image editing outsourcing companies. Our combined management team has more than a century of experience in the prepress/premedia solutions industry in Europe that helps us to be one of the most competitive pre-media/prepress outsourcing partners you can find by combining both –
quality services and affordable Asian prices.

You will benefit from…
✓ High-end German quality assurance, low Asian prices.
✓ High volume work/production with short turnarounds.
✓ Experienced Premedia/Prepress experts from Germany, the USA, and India.
✓ Highly skilled Asian image editing/photo retouching specialists.
✓ English, German, and Thai speaking Customer Service

Interested but need convincing?
Then wait no longer by sending your free trial image here to take advantage of our reasonable rates, high quality and fast turnaround time for all real estate image editing services.

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