Making a Visual Impression on Customers


We live in a fast-paced, time-stressed, visually driven world where you only get one chance to make a dazzling first impression and capture your customer’s interest.

Group D.M.T., an innovative high-volume clipping path service provider and image editing provider, specializes in creating those stunning, love-at-first-sight visual moments which capture attention and create abundant sales.

used car clipping path and retouching

Our world class team of post-production specialists do this through:

  • Stunning product presentation and product picture optimization
  • Superb, highly professional picture retouching services
  • World-class image editing services
  • Image manipulation services
  • High-volume clipping path services and soft clipping services
  • Color correction services
  • Catalog and magazine production

Even if your original material is only “so-so” because of budget or logistical constraints, our highly-skilled team of professionals will transform whatever you are able to give us into product image presentations that are head-turning, attention-grabbing sales generators!

We understand that starting and running a business is hard and that product presentation is often constrained by lack of money, time, unavailability of finished items, or simply because the world is not perfect when you are trying to shoot it! Group D.M.T. can turn even a quickly taken image on a smartphone into a first-class, head-turning product picture that sells like never before.

We can help create interest in your food photography

Save your valuable time and production funds and let Group D.M.T. weave our creative magic with our first-class skills in picture retouching and image editing and manipulation. Or maximize your product’s impact with our color correction, image and background manipulation, image path and soft clipping, and panorama and virtual reality services.

We can bring out the best in panoramic photos

Product Presentation

Superb product presentation is vital whether it’s in your online shop or through social media channels, which are increasingly vital in selling and advertising products in today’s world. A perfectly retouched picture stands out from the crowd and drives sales. At Group D.M.T., we understand today’s fast-paced market and work hard to support you with perfect product pictures at extremely competitive prices.

Cropping Positioning and Image Editing

Yellow Ferrari car in front of a garage | before clipping path serviceYellow Ferrari car on clean white background | after clipping path service
One of the most important elements for any online shop image is the right positioning or cropping. It looks unprofessional if your products are shown in different sizes, unaligned within the edges of the image, or are less than optimal. If you want perfection, our highly trained team can create optimal positioning in accordance with each specific product category.


Porsche car in front of a iron fence and yellow house | before retouchingStreet with iron fence in front of a yellow house | after retouching
Removing dust and scratches, creating realistic shadows or reflections, extending images or removing parts from the totality of a picture. You name it, Group D.M.T. can do it! A highly skilled team with an eye for even the smallest detail will solve your image-editing problems once and for all.

Easy and common tasks like cleaning the skin, removing dust and scratches from products as well as deleting distracting objects out of images in our daily job. Whether it’s these “simpler” tasks or more advanced tasks like removing unwanted objects out of images, we’ve got you covered.

Color Correction

close up of a pale model with blue eyes before color correctionModel with green eyes and nice skin after color correction
First impressions are everything. The viewer decides if they like an image within the blink of an eye, so stunning color presentation is critical to sales maximization. With our color correction service, we ensure your images create the ultimate positive first impression. Color correction is the balancing, adjusting or changing of colors, either for entire images, or just for specific parts, objects or areas. We can optimize or standardize skin tones and adjust the brightness, contrast and hue of your images. It’s also possible to change colors to show your products in all their color variations without the need to shoot them all.

Professional and Competitively Priced

Group D.M.T. is a professional provider of photo editing services, from high-volume clipping path services to photo retouching services.

All of D.M.T.’s services are extremely competitively priced, with our professional workforce based in Asia. With our experienced European management team we can offer hands-on, highly consultative services throughout the entirety of every assignment at rock-bottom prices. Our cost-effective suite of image-editing services and pre-press solutions cuts down on time and saves you money. In the last few decades, we have processed more than 20,000,000 pictures for catalogs, magazines, and e-commerce platforms. With over 20 years of experience operating in the image editing services and prepress solutions industry online from Thailand, Group D.M.T. is one of Asia’s oldest and first privately owned image editing outsourcing businesses. Our combined management team has a century of experience in the preliminary print stages in Europe. Because of this experience, we are now the best pre-media partner you can find, combining both quality services and affordable Asian prices.

Contact Group D.M.T. to find out more about the expert image editing services we can offer to your company.

sample of watch before and after optimization

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