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Selling secondhand cars, made easy!


Already up front, we are no experts in selling used cars.
But for sure we are the professionals in creating amazing images to boost your presentations with our car retouching service.

How would you present the highlight of your car fleet? In best case seperated fom other cars. Maybe even on a stage to make it really shine out from everything else. It should never stay between 2 not that nice cars right? In a perfect world every car should have its own area to stand out. Unfortunatly thats not always possible due to space limitations. Often we can see used cars being parked very close together. Like that you maybe maximise the amount of cars to sell but for sure it downgrades in terms of presentation.

There is nothing more important then a personal inspection of the car before buying it.
But in these days it becomes more and more practical to show your cars online first so your potential buyer can have a overview already. With just some clicks everyone knows if they really should go and visit you. Thats why its even more important that your online presence stands out.

Group D.M.T is your support to boost your online-presentation with amazing pictures of your cars.
There is no need to show your cars very close together online. We have enough space to show each car seperatly so it can stand out by itself. But how to get the perfect picture of your car if you dont have the space and background to make a great photo? The solution is the digital car retouching with Group D.M.T.

With a combination of our great Clipping and Retouching-Service it was never that easy to create a digital stage for your vehical. Based on your needs we can create a composing out of your car and a complete new background. But also a simple “clean-up” of the image is possible. Our colorcorrection service will do the perfect finish on your car. Sharpening, great contrast and colors let the vehical stand out and nearly sell by itself. To brand the picture special for you we can insert your logo aswell.

Also other Retouchings and changes are possible. Starting from a recoloring to digitally preview a new colour to deleting bumps or taking care about unwanted reflections. With Group D.M.T there are no limitations for a perfect presentation.

Please dont hesitate to consult us directly. We would love to help you with your presentation. We help you to boost your sales with great images for a great custom made pricing based on your needs.

Used car retouching

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